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The Hardcat Fixed Asset Tracking System

How can you manage it if you can't monitor it?


How many companies lose their company cars? Not many - but how many lose laptops, mobile phones and other moveable assets - a vast majority! Whether it's a car or a mobile phone - it's still an asset and there should be no way for it to just disappear!

Companies that already have an asset management system in place are making great savings in both time and money. When every item purchased is entered into an asset management system it can never be lost - there is a permanent record which can be tracked throughout the item's life cycle. At the click of a button, the system user is given access to all information surrounding that particular asset from its initial cost, depreciation value, who it was assigned to, which department it can be found in and so on.

The Hardcat System

The Hardcat System, supplied by Requisoft plc, is a powerful, yet easy to use modular asset management system that uses barcode technology to organise and control an organisations fixed assets. A barcode label bearing a unique identification number is simply attached to each asset and this information is then input to the Hardcat Asset Management System.

Modules Available


Offers a fast, accurate and effective method of identifying fixed and portable assets. Asset information is recorded via a hand-held scanner, which has a pre-programmed interrogation system, enabling the user to collate data at a much faster and accurate rate and in an organised and efficient format.

Preventative Maintenance

Controls and administers both the scheduling of asset workplace maintenance and preventative maintenance. It allows the operation of an effective equipment preventative maintenance and test programme. The module can record details of tests/maintenance performed, and has a user defined report facility.

Stock Control


Enables comprehensive reporting, automatic prompting for re-order of stock in short supply and user definable import/export capabilities. The module offers the perfect solution for the auditing and reporting of stock items.


Offers control of all order processing of assets from purchase order, goods in and delivery, to invoicing and final disposal. By using this module, users can see at a glance what assets are on order, their cost, what has been received and what is outstanding.

Helpdesk Module

This is an on-line problem and call logging system. By registering and maintaining up-to-date records on all hardware and software problems, users can immediately identify assets under warranty, maintenance support details and the performance history of each asset.

Depreciation Module

Performs depreciation calculations on specified assets. Reports can be run in an unlimited number of user definable sets to provide depreciation data by asset type, location and cost centre. The module can handle reducing balance, straight-line, immediate write-off and modified historic cost accounting depreciation methods.

Don't just take our word for it - listen to our customers

Hardcat is used around the globe and with hundreds of satisfied customers in the UK alone, here's what a few of them had to say:-

"I am sure that by using Hardcat, we will make significant cost savings, the reasons for this being, firstly, the simple process of bar-coding all our assets indicates that we have a record of an item and it's location - this will discourage anyone from removing the equipment without permission, and secondly, we now know what assets are held in store and available for reallocation therefore enabling best use to be made of all available assets before new items are purchased".

Head of Facilities, West Midlands Magistrates' Courts Committee

"The main benefit of using Hardcat to record and track IT equipment has been in enforcing accountability, accurately recording and valuing what the Council actually has, and assisting in monitoring the accuracy of IT asset data maintained by the Council's Facilities Management contractor."

Head of Internal Audit, Cherwell County Council

"The Hardcat System is easy to use and will make a great saving in the time taken to carry out an audit. Previously, it has taken a team of between 10-12 people six weeks to carry out a full audit of our equipment. Now, with the use of the Hardcat System, it is possible for this task to be carried out by one person over the space of approximately one week".

Medical Supplies Agency

We supply a total solution

As well as the software, we also have dedicated project teams and technicians who can assist with:-

  • Hardware & software audits
  • System set-up and configuration
  • Policies & procedures reviews
  • Annual audits
  • Project management
  • Product training and consultancy


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The Administration Module is used to manage users and system configuration. Users are assigned a role and a cost centre. The role defines which modules of the system are available and what the user may do within them. The system allows these roles to be constructed. Examples of role types are:-

•  Administrator
•  Requisitioner
•  Approver
•  Budget Manager
•  Purchase Clerk
•  Goods Inward Clerk
•  Accounts Clerk

Cost Centres allow users to be grouped and managers to be assigned to be responsible for them. In this way, a hierarchy can be established which controls the access to information on the system. For example, a Manager may be set up as being in charge of a Cost Centre and able to see all requisitions raised within the Cost Centre.

The reporting module is accessed from within the other modules and provides the user with reports appropriate to their status. A number of standard reports are provided with the system but users may add their own, using a report generator such as Seagate Crystal Reports.

The Help Module is accessed from within the other modules and provides the user with help appropriate to their current position on the system.


The Budget Module uses a flexible company and cost centre structure allowing budgets to be set up for financial years and financial periods.

The system is multi-currency and allows budgets to be viewed in the local currency, the standard currency for a Group of companies or in Euros.

For each budget period, the system keeps account of the budgeted amount, the amount outstanding on requisitions and the amount invoiced. Managers can view and allocate budgets as part of the Purchase Requisition Workflow process.

System security prevents a user from viewing data outside their Company and/or Cost Centre.

Benefits of this feature include:-

•  Flexible, powerful cost centre structure can handle budgets by Project and/or Department and/or period;
•  Up to date information ensure that Managers do not exceed budgets;
•  Cost Centre structure ensures that spend in properly allocated.


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